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Hands Off Dan

The band started in 2007, with the english Blues - Legends of the Mid-end 60´s.

Very soon their style develops. They try out a lot, everything is possible - they record, throw away, discover anew - until they find their special mixture of Swing, Blues, Hippie Guitar - Sound of the 70´s, french chansons and retro style á la Film Noir.

The experiences of their individual musical background help the 4 bandmembers:

Guitarplayer Frank Becking ( Sessions in Memphis, London...) und Frontsinger + Saxophone player DAN were already together on stage in the 90´s. They were the creators of the Band "DAN", and made two successful Rockmusic CDs ( including the Hit - Singles "Starman", "I´m DAN", "Secrets",... Heavy Rotations on VIVA and MTV, Club - Tours, Festivals like  Rock at the Ring, Rock in the Park, Taubertal Open Air,...).

With drummer Phillip Zwirchmayr ( Drummer for example at Suspicious White Powder, Lootz....) and Bassman Francesco Pocai ( Projekt XXX,... ) the band is completed!

Individuality, curiosity and passion - from the very beginning this musical energy makes over from the band to the audience   – That´s what it´s all about!

The first album "Blue" is out now. The media says: 

„ A convincing Debut“ ( Dirk Föhr, Chief - Editor of the „Bluesnews – Magazine“ )

„ The Band is always entertaining, fresh and natural. With DAN in front, she is arresting the audiences´attention with her A+ voice, big gestures and mimic.“ ( Hagener Rundschau )

„ The music sounds like the smokey Club - athmosphere of the 60´s. Easy, without distress or any pomp. Reduced to the maximum. Warm and smooth, that´s the sound of  Hands off DAN“ ( Martin Schirmer )

"German Band part of an US-Compilation"

" In issue No. 54, Bluesnews presented the band "Hands Off DAN" and their well done debut album "Blue". Now the band got the attention of the USA. "Hollywood was calling" - singer and saxophonist DAN tells excited. They liked the Mabon - cracker "I don´t know" that much, that it is now part of the "Blues Highway No.1" - Sampler, presented by 272 Records." ( Bluesnews - online )

....and since May "Hands off DAN" is on tour all over germany, tour - dates you will find here!


Hands Off DAN are:

DAN                           Vocal and Saxophone

Frank Becking            Guitar

Francesco Pocai         Bass

Phillip Zwirchmayr      Drums and Percussion